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Commercial Solar

The team at EverGreen offers commercial solar PV with a high return on investment using the most reliable and highest rated products on the market for your business.

Our Approach

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Our solar systems are a smart business investment. With a recently extended 30% federal tax credit of your solar PV system cost, Southern California business solar PV systems have an attractive return on investment. Businesses have a significant opportunity to lower their operating costs for decades. SolReliable only installs solar panels and equipment that meet high performance standards and have attractive warranties. We personally stand behind our production guarantee and product warranties. Unlike other solar companies, we don’t just send you to the manufacturer when equipment underperforms–we solve the issue for you at company cost.


You’ve heard the phrase, “it’s just business, it’s not personal.” We disagree.
Evergreen Solar’s commercial consultants personalize each custom installation to the needs and architecture of your businesses. Business owners from Northridge, Sherman Oaks, Orange County, Palm Springs, and beyond, have all been impressed with the production, precision, and savings of our custom installations. We utilize the best solar equipment on the market through our partnership with Tier-1 solar panel manufacturers, such as Panasonic panels that significantly avoid shading issues. Coupled with our utilization of micro-inverters, advanced monitoring systems, and our ability to install solar on any roof, our solar systems can offer you the most cost per kilowatt hour rates in the industry.


Evergreen Solar has experience working on a variety of solar PV projects throughout the greater Los Angeles area that dramatically reduce energy costs. We provide conservative solar output estimates, so that you know your bottom line needs are met and are often surpassed when the actual solar system output outperforms our estimates. With NABCEP-certified staff, we have the highest level of certification available in the industry and a proven track record.
Every solar system installed by Evergreen Solar is engineered and installed in-house. We don’t use subcontractors, and can tackle complex commercial solar projects with ease for small to medium-sized businesses. Our outstanding customer service is second to none and we hope to earn your business soon.
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Businesses across Southern California are challenged by rising energy costs. Solar energy provides cost-effective solutions. The team at EverGreen offers commercial solar PV with a high return on investment using the most reliable and highest rated products on the market. Better quality solar means cutting business operating costs for decades and at a higher rate than with conventional commercial panels. We have helped a variety of small to medium-sized businesses throughout the greater Los Angeles area (including car washes, apartment buildings, gas stations, and homeowner associations) all save money through solar energy. EverGreen brings years of design and installation experience to every commercial solar PV project.

Our expert Solar Advisors offer one-on-one consultations to guide you through all the complexities and details of solar—from understanding your energy bills to installation and more.