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The benefits of a new roof are numerous. A new roof not only improves the look and function of the house itself, but it can also improve the quality of life for you and your family that live underneath it. Below are some of the more important benefits a new roof can bring to you and your house.

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Preventing Health Hazards

Roofs that need to be replaced due to age or from damage that has occurred may contain mold, bacteria, or materials that are hazardous to your families health. A damaged roof can also be a safety hazard if it becomes unstable and continues to be exposed to the elements. A new roof will replace all the natural hazards and be built with the newest, up-to-date, and certified materials to keep your family safe.

Reducing Energy Bills

Roofs that have not been properly maintained or may be deteriorating due to age can cause a massive spike in your energy bills. Holes in your roof as well as missing insulation can cause heat and air conditioning to escape easily. This will end up increasing your gas or electric bills. A new roof will fix any holes, be re-insulated, and also be built with new energy efficient materials to help reduce energy costs even further.

Increase the look and value of your home

A new roof is a great investment to increase the look and value of your home, especially if you are planning on selling your home. Potential buyers tend to see a house with a new roof as more of a new house and also an item they don’t have to repair for sometime if they were to purchase the house. A new roof can attract potential buyers as well, considering before they enter the house the roof is almost half of what they can see from the road, in most cases.

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Ask about our new energy efficient cool roof for your home, which will not only shelter your home from the elements, but will also reduce your home’s HVAC energy bills.

Our expert Solar Advisors offer one-on-one consultations to guide you through all the complexities and details of solar—from understanding your energy bills to installation and more.